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NEPTA provides comprehensive training for all-hazards approach concepts in emergency and disaster management

Members of emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications teams should be trained so they are familiar with their role and responsibilities as defined within the plans.

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We provide advanced in-depth preparedness, response, and recovery planning for families, businesses, organizations, and governments worldwide

Emergency preparedness is the easiest way to lessen the impact and damage when something bad happens.

Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters. 


NEPTA has over 45 years of expert-level experience in disaster recovery, mitigation, construction oversight, and project management, and has collectively worked in over 35 disasters.  Every day, we take steps to help people and communities to be more prepared by developing capabilities needed to prevent, protect against, respond to, recovery from, and mitigate against all threats and hazards. Whether we face risks related to earthquakes, cyberattacks or chemical spills, our goal is shared: safety, sustainability, and resilience. 


NEPTA, in the interest of National Preparedness, has partnered with COLOSSUS “Titans of Tech” in order to provide state of the art operations, technology and cloud security measures to dispense above standard products and services. 

Cloud security is one of our chief concerns in today’s environment. 

No false positives. Rapidly Investigate potential leaks. 100% alert accuracy. – Collosus/NEPTA


It is always smarter to have it and not need it, rather then not have it and need it in life or death situation.


Our Consultants have been everywhere – from Federal and State Governments to Wall Street.

We offer our clients a suite of best-in-class services to ensure that confidence is maintained and productivity is continuous.

Confidence in service is one of our main goals throughout the lifecycle of any contract.




  • Federal Grants Legal Compliance
  • Grants Management Consulting
  • Continuity/Contingency Planning
  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Cost Estimating 
  • Cloud Security 
  • Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Emergency Management Training
  • A&E / Construction Oversight
  • Family Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • CDBG-MIT / PA / HMGP / Other

Mission Statement

NEPTA is a Veteran owned MBE association organized to reach governments, municipalities, non-profits, families, and practically all types of businesses around the world in order to provide guidance and practical solutions to emergency response and disaster recovery actions; we accomplish this by pre-planning, ongoing training, leveraging technology, as well as products and services that offer real world solutions.

MISSION: Together with our customers, we design immediate and long-term response strategies with the ultimate goal of keeping businesses operational and families together in the event of a disaster. ”

CORPORATE MEMBER:                  International Association of Preparedness and Response