Disaster Recovery Consulting

NEPTA is well aware that OMB’s Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards took effect on December 26, 2013 which gave Federal Agencies six months to implement the regulations. As far as Nonprofits, colleges and universities, and state and local governments they have until December 26, 2014, to comply with the new rules.

It’s important to know that States as well as sub-applicants have already had to pay back millions of dollars in federal funds because they were out of compliance in several areas…..and that was under the OMB’s previous guidance.

How can NEPTA help you mitigate against future audits under the HMGP, PA, CDBG, PDM, FMA, and other programs?   NEPTA’s compliance team will complete a full service risk analysis prior to you receiving any Federal Award which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring Administrative requirements are in place
  • Reviewing grantee controls
  • Ensure public notices is completed through the CFDA
  • Proposal Review
  • Review procurement policies
  • Ensure conflict of interest policies are in place
  • General Control Environment
  • Force Account Labor policies
  • Records Retention
  • Insurance Records
  • DUNS Registration
  • Much more..

Obviously we do more than ensure that mechanisms and policies are in place prior to a Federal Grant Award. NEPTA’s team of grant and program management staff are composed of so many different and wonderful people who all have different expertise but work together as a team to ensure that the applications are complete, that the project worksheets are solid and accurate, the construction project is on schedule and is constructed as designed, quarterly reporting is processed accurately, and the project is in compliance.

NEPTA has over a combined 100+years in Grant Management and Project Management as it relates to the Hazard Mitigation, Public Assistance, Pre-Disaster Mitigation, Flood Mitigation Assistance, Individual Assistance, and Community Development Block Grant Programs.

If you see that the National Emergency Planning and Training Association are managing a project, you can rest assured that the project is being completed to the standards and policy guidelines of the applicable program.

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It is always smarter to have it and not need it, rather then not have it and need it in life or death situation.