Sue and John had a Disaster Recovery Plan that they downloaded for free off the Internet from a Government Website. Sue was very excited to get started completing the plan; in fact she had John and their four children get actively involved in completing it. Approximately 2 years later the unexpected happened, but Sue and John were prepared! Or were they?

Reality: Most disasters on average DO NOT happen when the family is together or even at home. Sue and John saved their plan to 3 Jump drives (Data storage devices). One was in a safe, one was in Sue’s desk at work, and the other was in John’s Desk. Sue was quite satisfied that they were prepared. Two years later the unthinkable happened. A devastating Flashflood!

The Flood decimated their home (Jump Drive 1 Destroyed). All their children were in school and John and Sue were both at work. They both thought of their children first and of their disaster plan second. Sue called the school as well as each of the children’s cell phones….. All cell towers were overloaded with calls – no calls could get through. John reached for his jump drive in order to review the family’s disaster plan. He plugged in his jump drive and reviewed the two year old plan. John immediately realized that the plan would be ineffective in this type of disaster. Panic began to set in.

The Executive Director at NEPTA (former FEMA Mitigation Planning Manager and Senior Disaster Recovery Consultant) has spent over 8 years designing a cloud-based plan and complimentary APP that would help families essentially be 100% prepared to respond to and recover from practically any emergency or a natural or manmade disaster. This includes hurricanes, tornadoes, house fires, floods, earth quakes, the untimely death of a loved one, and much more. We invite you to see for yourself why NEPTA’s “MYREDFOLDER®” plan is rated as one of the most useful and indispensable plans ever developed. (Click Here)

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It is always smarter to have it and not need it, rather then not have it and need it in life or death situation.