NEPTA experienced staff has over 65+ years of combined technical, programmatic, and emergency management expertise related to the disaster preparedness and recovery field. We take special care to maximize the value of the client’s project management and construction dollars by clearly defining a project scope, setting realistic budget goals, and managing the process along the way, always being mindful of the project schedule. From master planning through design and construction, we guarantee that our client’s project needs are met, its goals are achieved and its vision is realized.

Our expertise in nearly all areas of emergency management ensures that we are diversified enough to assist in any type disaster. Our staff has expert knowledge and experience in Public Assistance, Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Planning, Response, and Recovery, Community Development Block Grant, and Compliance Auditing.

Our experienced emergency managers/disaster recovery specialist, are certified and trained. Collectively we are experts in logistics disaster management, public assistance, hazard mitigation, benefit cost analysis (BCA), procurement, federal grant compliance, CDBG management, and many other essential areas in the disaster recovery arena. NEPTA leverages technology coupled with our project management and technological expertise, recognizing that the old school way to disaster planning and response is becoming quickly outdated. NEPTA achieves exceptional results by applying advanced technology and collaborating with partners across the U.S. and abroad.

NETPA provides project leadership and project management specifically crafted to achieve the client’s cost, time and quality goals. Problem solving is one of our core strengths. Our experience enables us to analyze problems, solicit input from stakeholders, propose workable solutions, and follow up to ensure successful resolution.  A successful outcome results when time, cost and quality are controlled.

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It is always smarter to have it and not need it, rather then not have it and need it in life or death situation.