Wherever you may live, it’s good to be prepared for a natural disaster. From hurricanes to tornadoes and earthquakes, unexpected events can cause serious property damage and pose a safety threat. While you hopefully won’t ever face these circumstances, it’s best to be prepared, just in case.

The National Emergency Planning and Training Association gives people the knowledge they need to stay safe when disasters strike. Read on for resources to help you prepare.

Create a Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Kit

While you’ll hopefully never have to use it, having emergency supplies on hand can’t hurt.


Map Out a Natural Disaster Emergency Plan

Having emergency goods is only half the battle. Knowing beforehand what to do in a natural disaster will allow you to act quickly.

  • Research the types of common natural disasters in your area and know what to do if they strike. For example, if you live in tornado country, it’s important to know to go underground if a funnel cloud hits.
  • Write out an emergency plan and go through it with your family, practicing as needed. For instance, kids should know that if there’s a fire, they should get out of the house.
  • Map out an evacuation plan in case you have to leave your home. Knowing where to go in advance will save valuable time.
  • Know where to locate your home’s gas and water shutoff valves in case of risks like flooding or fire.

Prepare Your House for Disasters Accordingly

If a disaster is predicted in your area, get your home ready to keep your belongings and your family safe.

The thought of a natural disaster isn’t pleasant. However, it’s better to think about possible scenarios now and prepare accordingly than to be caught off guard. The resource guide above can help you get started.

By: Charlotte Meier

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