DIY HACKS: 30 Year Food Storage

DIY Hacks : 30 Year Food Storage

Preserve your food in five simple steps  

by Lara Vince

April 8, 2020


Here is a quick and easy do-it-yourself preservation hack that will extend the shelf life of your food for up to 30 years. The top recommended foods to store long term are rice, dry beans, oats, and pasta. Follow these five simple steps to prepare for decades to come.


What you will need:

Five-gallon food bucket

Mylar bag 

O2 Absorber

1) Place a mylar bag inside a clean and dry bucket.
2) Add O2 absorber at the bottom of the mylar bag. For a 5-gallon bucket container, experts recommend adding 1500 CC of O2 absorber.
3) Pour the food into the mylar bag.
4) Fill up the bag, leaving at least two inches of air gap from the top of the bucket and add another 1,000 cc O2 absorber. Squeeze all the air out of the top of the bag and either use a clamshell sealer or an iron to seal your mylar bag.
5) Secure the lid on your bucket and store it in a cool and dry place such as a basement or closet. 

Congratulations! You have just prepared a food storage system that will last up to 30 years. What other DIY concepts do you have on preparedness?

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