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Burglary rates in the United States are dropping each year. This trend is primarily due to affordable, cutting-edge home security technology and a growing awareness of simple practices that deter criminals from attempting a break-in. Nonetheless, a burglary still happens every 30 seconds, according to FBI statistics.


If you’re hoping to add layers of protection to your property and household, it’s essential to find suitable products and strategies that won’t break the bank. Not to worry—the National Emergency Planning and Training Association, LLC (NEPTA) has listed 14 excellent ideas for keeping your family safe and healthy!


Cost-Effective Investments


Let’s start with a few types of products worth investing in. These are affordable purchases, and the peace of mind they can provide is priceless!



Simple Safety Strategies

Along with finding budget-friendly products, consider these practical tips for keeping your property and household secure:



Bigger Safety Projects


If you have an older home, it may be necessary to undertake some renovation projects to ensure your family’s safety.



Allergy-Specific Tips for Kids


If your child has food allergies, consider these simple practices for keeping them healthy at home and in everyday life:



We all want our families to stay safe and healthy at home. And these days, it’s easier than ever to make that happen without spending a ton of money. Keep the tips above in mind as you start adding layers of protection to your property and household and learn other ways to provide yourself and your family with peace of mind.


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