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Your Family’s Safety Plan During COVID-19 and Beyond

Image via Pexels Your Family’s Safety Plan During COVID-19 and Beyond National Emergency Planning and Training Association (NEPTA) is committed to helping families prepare, respond to, and recover from disasters. For immediate assistance, we are available 24/7 at 888-267-9990. You’ve covered the basics of family safety. Your children know how to dial 911, you’re trained […]

A Tsunami of Greatness !

A small girl’s smile and hug, which her rescuer later recalled as “a tsunami of greatness,” was what the pararescueman remembered the most from his part of the New Orleans rescue effort after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. “I picked up the cutest, little girl today. She gave me the biggest hug, and I melted,” Master […]


THE FALLOUT FROM KATRINA N E V E R   A G A I N Introducing the “MYREDFOLDER™” MYREDFOLDER™ secures assets which you cannot afford to lose, recordation of all property, activates your emergency plan on your families cell phones and more. Every eight seconds, a disaster occurs somewhere in the world. Where having survival supplies […]


BOTTLES FLY * POTUS SENDS WARNING * POLICE CARS OVERTURNED * VEHICLES ON FIRE * FAMILIES WARNED TO STAY INDOORS * TEAR GAS DEPLOYED * UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY * PROTESTS GOES NATIONAL Clearly the African American community believes-rightly or wrongly that deadly force against young African American men has too often been used by police officers. […]


Which one on the list below would you label as a disaster?   Martial Law Terrorist attack Car accident 3 week supply chain interruption 1 week government shut down 5 day inability to access bank funds (Resulting in Civil Unrest) Civil Unrest – unsafe to leave your home Earthquake Tornado Disability House fire Overnight hyperinflation […]