Being financially prepared for a disaster is critical, UNFORTUNATELY many times it’s only thought of when it’s too late. Don’t wait for a disaster to be financially prepared. Make sure your financial house is in order and important documents and personal information are available at a moment’s notice. ACCESSING FUNDS DURING A MANDATORY EVACUTUATION In […]

“I’ve been in this house for 19 years and this has never been a threat”

A SHORT STORY: Long days at work, family commitments, kids, chores, boss, and recreation…. LIFE – How did I even have time to sleep, let alone spend quality time with the one I loved? I met her in college, but I wasn’t the type of guy that would interest her. I was a poor city […]


For years California has been plagued by wild fires and drought which has led many to completely forget that California IS a flood-prone state.  In fact, history has proven damaging floods are common in California.  Take a look at the facts. California is a flood-prone state. Most of California is vulnerable to floods. Every county […]

11 Years after Katrina and most families remain unprepared!

IT WON’T HAPPEN TO ME… The “It won’t happen to me” mindset must change now!   Introducing the “MYREDFOLDER® MYREDFOLDER® secures assets which you cannot afford to lose, recordation of all property, activates your emergency plan on your families cell phones and more. Every eight seconds, a disaster occurs somewhere in the world.  Where having survival […]