CREATE A FAMILY DISASTER PLAN Create a Family Disaster Plan Meet with your family and discuss why you need to prepare for disaster. Many families already have an emergency plan for a house fire, so making an all-hazard plan will just add a few more details. Every member of the family will have a role […]

How to Save on Emergency Supplies – Disaster Prep on a Budget It’s no secret the world is a dangerous place. Every day, we hear about something – whether caused by humans or nature – that’s turned lives upside down. Bad news greets us in the morning and follows us to bed at night. What […]


Molds are microscopic organisms found everywhere in the environment, indoors, and outdoors. When present in large quantities, molds have the potential to cause adverse health effects. ***HEALTH EFFECTS OF MOLD EXPOSURE*** * SNEEZING *COUGH AND CONGESTION * RUNNY NOSE * AGGRAVATION OF ASTHMA * EYE IRRITATION * DERMATITIS (SKIN RASH) ***PEOPLE AT GREATEST RISK OF […]


Being financially prepared for a disaster is critical, UNFORTUNATELY many times it’s only thought of when it’s too late. Don’t wait for a disaster to be financially prepared. Make sure your financial house is in order and important documents and personal information are available at a moment’s notice. ACCESSING FUNDS DURING A MANDATORY EVACUTUATION In […]