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The National Emergency Planning and Training Association (NEPTA) is a Non-Government Entity.

We are committed to fulfilling the needs, identifying the issues, and solving the problems within the Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery field as it relates to businesses, municipalities, organizations, and families; hence, our three core proficiencies….Planning, Consulting, and Training. We are dedicated to delivering superior results with solutions that are permanent, not just a quick fix.

Too often temporary setbacks turn into permanent failures due to a lack of preparedness. NEPTA exists to ensure that your organization/family has the crucial components and necessary tools to quickly respond and recover. Your ability to recover, thrive, and quickly get back to normal after a disaster is our priority.



A Dedicated Team

Amit Kumar

Senior Engineer/Architect

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Can Technology be a barrier?  Absolutely….but not for Amit Kumar.

Amit Kumar has the ability to work on cross-platform technology and can easily perform and provide technical solutions whether it be Java, Microsoft, Open source, or a Mobile Platform.  Amit brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to NEPTA and ensures that systems will stay secure and run as designed.

Amit is a self-motivated and multi-skilled engineer and technical leader who is at ease working in a team environment or independently. Key strengths include, but are not limited to direct customer interaction, team building, project management. Amit retains a strong knowledge of the full Software Development Life Cycle and in-depth knowledge of SQL server and ASP.NET among other platforms and/or software programs.

Amit continues to upgrade his knowledge, skills, and abilities by consistent training, study, and implementation of new technologies as well as keeping abreast of trends in the market place.

Gilbert Rivas

Senior Creative

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Gilbert Rivas, self-proclaimed mango salsa king and internet nut, can read a gantt chart, balance sheet, and write a movie script in less than 4 hours.  He’s a bit of an anomaly on the human side of things; 1 part executive, 3 parts super dad, 1 part engineer, 1 part creative, and 1 part futuristic.  Yeah we know…too many parts right?  Now you know why he is a good fit as senior creative engineer at NEPTA.   Now is not the most important thing, but having the ability to see the future now is most important in terms of enhancing NEPTA’s products and services.  In the world of disaster recovery, response, and preparedness we need the engineer, the creative, the forward thinking individual, and the fun guy.  NETPA needed someone with a bit of humor and great ideas which would help the masses warm up to NEPTA and it’s MYREDFOLDER® Products and Services.  Gilbert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to NEPTA, and will use that experience to engage the public directly and indirectly; helping them to understand the need to be prepared for any disaster or emergency that may occur.  You can reach Gilbert here: gilhan@nepta.us

Hana Rivas

Content Writer

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Hana Rivas, Content Writer at the National Emergency Planning and Training Association.

Hana has more than 15 years of content writing and presentation experience. Hana is a full time wife and mother and enjoys copywriting, editing, reading, and presenting.  She is a dedicated professional with a successful track record of writing succinct and fact-filled content on different topics.  Hana has a special talent for using bullet lists and embedded links throughout text, as well as proofreading content to check logical and grammatical errors.  If you see an exciting post on our Twitter or our Facebook page, you can bet it has been proofed by a member of our content writing team or Hana herself.

Have a question for Hana?  She can be contacted at gilhan@nepta.us

Brittany Danielle

Executive Admin

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When human beings experience trauma or injury, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.  Brittany’s passion is bringing healing to people, not only with words of encouragement, but also with skills that were obtained by immersing herself in the medical field as a Neurosurgery Medical Assistant, Scribe, and Junior Project Leader.

Brittany’s part-time transition to the NEPTA team was partly due to the influence of the MYREDFOLDER® Family Plan and APP.  In a round-about way, it was the icing on the cake as far as her passion for helping people is concerned.  She sees the immediate benefit and payoff for every family that owns a plan, and with that she is now part of the team.

Brittany’s education background includes a B.S. Degree in Pre-Clinical Health Sciences with Academic Honors.  Her organization skills and knowledge are impressive, but what stood out to the NEPTA team is her passion for helping others and that is why having her as part of the NEPTA family was an easy choice.

Have a question for Brittany?  She can be contacted at Brittany@nepta.us

Mark Munroe

Deputy Director of Training

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Mark Munroe’s expertise allows him to wear many hats. He is NEPTA’s Assistant Director of Training and he is also Assistant Chief of Operations & Training, for the South Hampton NH Fire Department. Mark is a Retired Captain with Massport Fire/Rescue in Boston Mass where he served as the Asst. Chief/Division Commander of Training and EMS. He is a Chief Instructor for the Fire Science Academy in Saudi Arabia where he teaches Firefighting, Haz-Mat,Fire Officer and Industrial and Offshore Oil Platform Firefighting. He is a Certified Fire Instructor in both NH and Mass and holds certificates in Firefighter 1 & 2, Fire Instructor, Fire Officer 1&2, ARFF Firefighter & Instructor. He was the founder and Chairman of the Northeast ARFF Training Officers Consortium and holds a BA in Curriculum Development. Currently he is finishing his Masters in Fire/Rescue Services & Emergency Management. He also served as a Field Representative for the New Hampshire Emergency Management and is currently a private consultant to a number of Homeland Security Firms around the country. He is a guest speaker around the world. Mark is one of NEPTA’s premiere trainers and educators.

Amber Andre

Director of Public Relations

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Amber Ellinwood Andre, Director of Public Relations at the National Emergency Planning and Training Association, was born and raised in Slidell, Louisiana.  Amber has first hand knowledge and life experience in dealing with preparedness and response in the face of a major natural disaster as well as recovery efforts afterwards.  Hurricane Katrina passed over her hometown, and she ultimately lost her home and everything she owned to the flood waters. Amber is passionate about NEPTA’s mission and using her experience in disaster situations to help educate and prepare others.

Amber is a certified Financial Planner, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Systems. She began her career with NASA/Lockheed Martin Corporation in the Contracts and Data Management department for the Space Shuttle Program. In addition to her regular duties, she was a lead in a massive Contract Closeout Records Retention effort for the 35 year Space Shuttle Program. With the close of the Shuttle program, Amber focused on her finance background and is now self-employed helping others with their financial goals. Amber has strong skills in oratory and possesses the ability to manage multiple projects through to completion.

Amber has a strong passion for community service and involvement. She is an active member of the Camellia City Kiwanis Club, an organization that focuses on helping children in the community, as well as a member of the Business Women’s Network, and the Chamber of Commerce. She is married with two beautiful daughters.
She can be contacted at:  Amber@nepta.us or 985.320.9943

Clay Morrison

Executive Board of Directors

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Clay Morrison the President of Morrison & Morrison, Inc., a licensed and appointed adjusting firm based in League City, Texas. Clay has extensive experience as a commercial real estate developer, is a current partner in a real estate holdings company, is the former owner of a successful insurance restoration company, and was a former consultant to one of the largest insurers in the world. His extensive experience includes adjusting claims in every major hurricane of the last 9 years including Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Ike and Super-storm Sandy. Clay has also served in an expert or appraiser capacity on losses throughout the U.S. and is frequently appointed as an umpire for insurance appraisals. He was one of the first licensed public adjusters in the State of Texas when licensing took effect in 2003, has completed the NFIP flood certification course and has managed and/or consulted on insurance losses ranging up to $44 million. Clay has been a featured speaker at numerous venues including insurance industry conferences, realty associations, chambers of commerce and Rotary clubs throughout the U.S.

Jeff Vratanina


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Jeff Vratanina has owned and managed several businesses. He is currently part of the management team at Prospect Mortgage specifically involved in creating and implementing a “unique” Inside Retail Origination model supported by a centralized Fulfillment Center located in Dallas Texas. Envisioned by the Executive Leadership, this model has significantly changed how mortgage lenders originate,  fulfill, and purchase mortgage loans.  Jeff also oversees and helps build both inside models and traditional retail branches throughout the state of Texas.

Jeff was the managing Director of a Management / Holding Company for several mortgage industry related companies focused on providing specialized services in the disposition of bank assets (performing loans, defaulted loans or REO’s).

Mr. Vratanina is the President and COO of SAFEHUT.  SAFEHUT has developed a lightweight, durable and reusable Emergency / Temporary Housing product. This product is the “next generation” of Temporary Housing.  Ideal for World Relief Organizations, Federal/State Emergency management, Military and Business that require temporary shelter/housing.

Ruth Morrison, PC

Executive Board of Directors

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Ruth Morrison is a licensed attorney with over 20 years of experience whose primary areas of practice are insurance and real estate law. Ruth attended the University of Texas for undergraduate work, achieved a law degree from St. Mary’s School of Law in 1988 and became a member of the State Bar of Texas in 1988. Ruth serves as corporate counsel for several companies and maintains her individual law practice. During her years of practicing she has been active in the Houston Bar Association, HBA Special Olympics Committee, Association of Women Attorneys, Pasadena Bar Association and Galveston Bar Association. Currently she is a member of the Galveston Bar Association.

Ruth is also a certified mediator. She received her training in both basic mediation and family law mediation in 1994 from the University of Houston, Clear Lake. She has experience mediating many cases including family law cases and general civil law cases.

In addition to her professional roles, Ruth has been an active member of the PTA. She has served in the following capacities at the schools in which her children attend: President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Legislative Action chair. She believes strongly in partnering with the community and the school system to actively participate in enhancing the education of our youth.

Lisa Vratanina

Executive Board of Directors

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Lisa Vratanina is a former Senior Loan Officer (13 Year Veteran) for one of the top mortgage servicers in the Country. Lisa holds a BS, in business and has over 20 years of experience in nutrition, cleansing, alternative modalities of health and fitness. Lisa is a full time Mother attempting to raise the next generation of leaders and goal oriented honest citizens. In addition Lisa serves as editor, analyst, and advisor for NEPTA’s social media outreach campaigns.

Chuck Sabadie

Executive Board of Directors

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Chuck Sabadie has been in the financial services industry for over 33 years. He and his associates have produced over one billion in insurance sales while handling millions in investments. He is a specialist in opening up new territories and is a developer of specialized systems for agents and clients who want to increase their success. Chuck’s forte has always been listening to the people he works with and identifying strategies that work specifically for them.
Chuck is the author of “5-7 Years to Financial Peace” and the developer of numerous proprietary financial services software programs.
Recently after hurricane Katrina, Chuck and his wife, Kay, not only recovered they then acquired the Bayou Oaks Plantation where they hosted over 12,000 guests on a nonprofit basis for local weddings, baby & bridal showers or just allowing families to gather to recover. Chuck says “it was one of the most meaningful opportunities of our lives”.


It is always smarter to have it and not need it, rather then not have it and need it in life or death situation.